Past events & feedback

IQL has conducted trainings on various topics on which many satisfied poeple have given excellent feedbacks, few are listed below

• Corporate well-being training conducted at EAFC Belgium

Feedback received – “ IQL training has initiated improved and smoother team functioning. We could see increased productivity and more engaged employees.”

– Dominique

• IQL has conducted ‘Dream team building’ session at IEPSCF Belgium.

Our main focus was to create productive communication within the team members and enhance their verbal and non-verbal transactions

Feedback received – “The programme has Improved employee’s relationship. We see healthier communications and discussions.”

– Nadine

• Personality assessment and relationship management,Brussels

Through the series of questions and discussions, we provided different personality types, their working and preferred styles. We explained each type’s particular traits and thinking patterns. The employees were amazed to see the accuracy.

Feedback received – “I became more self-aware, realized my strengths and areas of improvements. Thanks IQL”

– Daniel

• Leadership Programme at Louvain la neuve, Belgium

During our Leadership programme we analysed different team leaders and their leading styles. We elaborated on method approach leaders vs result orientated leader. IQL introduced different styles with their pros and cons and more effective communication tools.

Feedback received – “Explored my best working style. Amazed to see how accurately I was assessed. IQL tools were easy to use and extremely practical.” 

– Christina

• Professional Emotional Intelligence at Woluwe-Saint-Lambert Brussels

Along with emotional intelligence IQL emphasises on professional emotional intelligence or emotional intelligence at work place. Few moments at workplace are quite challenging especially giving or receiving feedback, appraisals, shared responsibilities, change of work, time management, etc. 

Feedback received – “I find my relationship with myself and with others is more meaningful. I have better connections with my colleagues now.” 

– Anita

• Stress management at School of the World, Nivelles

IQL helped the participants to identify their stressors. A few of them were unaware of their stress and anxiety levels and intensity. IQL created personalised mood meter to measure the intensity and taught them how to use that.

Feedback received – “I could identify my stressors and learnt how to deal with them.”

– Adrien

• Happiness programme Mumbai, India

Feedback received – “I understood my emotions. Identifying and handling them is much easier now. I would definitely use these tools in my personal and professional life.”

– Anuradha

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