IQL is the most trusted name in corporate wellness and soft skill development programmes. We successfully run employee assistance programmes (EAP)to maintain the wellbeing at workplaces where on an average an employee spends 1/3 of his day.

What makes us different than others.

We offer

  1. In-depth psychoanalysis, accuracy and precision is our USP
  2. Real-time case studies. Hands on experience to deal with the difficult situations
  3. Logical reasoning, why it happens and how to deal with it.
  4. What could be done? Result oriented solutions, plans and strategies.
  5. Face to face interactions for different scenarios and reaching to an agreement
  6. facilities: services for everyone, from new hires to the top most executives
  7. Competitive packages: customised and need based plans
  8. Long term and need based support (timely support)
  9. Follow-up sessions
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